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Happy Howies Woof Sticks, 11 inch 46ct-Made in the USA, this slow-cooked treat is shaped like Bully Sticks, but made with all-natural beef and deliciously more soft and chewy. Our 11in Beef Woof Stix are an excellent way to reward your dog… Smiling Dog Freeze Dried Beef & Potato Dog Food Seasoning-Smiling Dog Kibble Seasonings are made purely of real meat and whole fruits and vegetables to help dogs live the way they are supposed to. Bixbi Skin & Coat Beef Liver Jerky Dog Treats-Bixbi Skin and Coat jerky treats are loaded with organic mushrooms that help support shiny, full-bodied coats. These treats are packed with enriching antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. Buy Bravo All Natural Dry Roasted Duck Feet at WhiteDogBone.com. Great customer service and the BEST prices anywhere. FREE shipping on orders over $85. Buy KONG Stuff'N Easy Treat Pepperoni Recipe Dog Treat at NaturalPetWarehouse.com. Free Shipping on orders $70+ and Great Prices.

BarknBig Moo-Hoos Medium Beef Trachea (5-6"). You may have seen these in the stores before. You may have also thought, "Wow what is that thing?". It comes from the neck region of the Bull used to breathe.

Canines’ natural diet of meat and scavenged foods is at least 70% water, but kibble (dry dog food) contains less than 10% moisture.Beefhttps://palmdistributing.com/product-category/beefSmokehouse 6.5 Bullies s/w 60ct Display Box, These are USA Bullies Individually Shrink Wrapped and Cigar Banded with UPC Labels.Bark N Big - Whole Hemp Oil » CBDepothttps://cbdepotco.com/product/bark-n-big-whole-hemp-oilWe look at our products at BarknBig in a whole form, meaning that our bodies digest and absorb nutrients with such complexity, we need to stay as natural as possible.

BarknBig Beef Tendon Fillets 12ct. We call them the 'filet mignon' of Tendons because it is a choice cut. We literally have to fillet the fat from around this glucosamine filled chew.

Buy Open Farm Dehydrated Cod Skins Dog Treats, 2.25-oz Bag at NaturalPetWarehouse.com. Free Shipping on orders $70+ and Great Prices. BarkNBig Natural Dehydrated Bison Jerky (Heart) 3.5 oz Reseal bag W/UPC Displaying 1 - 50 of 69 Product(s): They will be offering some of our goat milk pet products, such as the following which can be found in local pet stores under the BarknBig brand name such as Furry Friends Inc.

BarknBig Moo-Hoo Pieces otherwise known as Beef Trachea. Purchase this 10oz. bag and provide multiple treating opportunities. Trachea is shown to contain natural glucosamine. The beauty of natural glucosamine is the fact that it is…


Soft, functional and healthful chews from parts we may all recognize - Tendons, Scapulas and Steer Sticks.

Typically, these chews are hard products…

Find all the slow-baked bone products here from BarknBig.

No bones about it - you don't get better than these all-natural, Colorado-Sourced Beef Bones. UPC'd & shrinkwrapped.